Reef Defenders are a grassroots group working to strengthen and build community resistance against Adani’s dangerous coal project in North Queensland.

We come together from all walks of life in creative campaigns and peaceful action to resist the industralisation of the Reef coast and the establishment of coal mining in the Galilee Basin. We are grandparents, parents, Indigenous Australians, people of faith, farmers, students, reef divers and tourism operators. We will not compromise when it comes to protecting the reef, climate and our communities from the greed of the coal industry. Politicians, mining companies, and financiers are failing to listen to the community. The future of the reef is in our hands.

Adani’s mine, rail and port will threatens to destroy the land, water and cultures of First Nations People across the entirety of the project. It will draw billions of litres of water from the Great Artesian Basin, risking water security for local communities and future generations. And, at a time when we need to cut pollution, Adani has plans to export and burn more coal which will lead to more extreme weather events and further bleaching of the Reef.

But if Adani thinks they can destroy the reef and climate without a hell of a fight they’ve got another thing coming. Here on the Reef, and across the world opposition to these projects are growing. Join us…


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