Whitsunday Reef Defenders took to their local Commonwealth Bank Branch today to let them know that the Whitsundays community does not want them to support the Adani Carmichael Mine project.

“Adani’s mega mine will be the nail in the coffin for our local reef which will have huge impacts on our local economy and local livelihoods,” said Reef Defenders spokesperson, and local mother Hayley Sestokas. “If CommBank supports Adani, they are showing the community that they don’t care about the reef and they don’t care about the local tourism and fishing industries that our region relies on”.

“We urge CommBank to instead invest in renewable energy projects, that will provide clean energy for Australia, and long term job opportunities for regional communities like ours. CommBank should not give our money to a corrupt company like Adani, which has a track record of environmental destruction and internal corruption,” said Ms Sestokas.