As the sun set over the picturesque Airlie Beach foreshore, a banner unfurled to a busy streets packed with tourists and locals. Dropped from palm trees by fully scubaed Reef Defenders, the banner and supporting community members called on Commbank to publicly rule out involvement in the disastrous Adani Charmicheal mine project.

“Investing in thermal coal at this stage of the game just doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t stack up economically, nor does it fit within the targets we must reach to ensure a safe climate for future generations. Commbanks needs to understand that their customers do not support new coal projects, and we want to see our bank money investing in clean renewable energy and a healthy reef,” said Whitsundays dive instructor and long-term Commbank customer, Stevie Richards.

Commonwealth Bank still refuse to state their position on Adani’s portfolio, even as 11 of the worlds top 20 investment banks have publicly declared their opposition to the controversial project.

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