There are many ways in which you can get involved and show your support. Being a grassroots group, we are volunteer run – so any support you can offer from afar is always appreciated.

Hold a fundraising event

If you are part of an existing group with a particular shared interest, this can be a good way to get people involved. This way your likely to have some participants before you begin advertising to the wider community. A suggested donation for entry to an event or a meal, as well as home made or donated merchandise and a donations tin are a great way to get started. If you or your friends are musicians,  you could throw a gig and collect the proceeds. It can be useful to show some pictures or videos of what the funds are going towards. People might even be so inspired they want to join us to take action, so be sure to have information available. Please contact us if there are resources or help you need.

Host a Movie screening

Everyone loves a good movie night with their mates. Get your mates to tell their mates about an inspirational movie screening event your having. You could also print some flyers to put around town. You could have a set price or ask for a donation entry. You could do it at your home, in a cafe or town hall. Wherever you think is the most appropriate place for your event. If you’re having a private event, you could do some baking and sell your baked goods for some extra funding. Guarding the Gailiee, Chasing Coral and Black Hole are just some of the compelling and inspiring movies you could choose to screen.

Paint a banner

Beautiful banners make a world of difference! If you have an artistic inclination, or even just a steady hand, create something lovely we can hold proud up here in our actions to #StopAdani. Who knows, you might just see it on the evening news!


Be an Online Supporter

Help us to amplify our action and further our reach by posting and sharing on social media. Find out more ways you can support online.


Donate to support Front Lines Action

Support the work we are doing on the front lines. You can do so by donating to our friends Frontline Action on Coal.