As the sun set over a windy Queens Beach, Bowen, over 150 local residents and supporters from near and far, joined in for a lantern parade to highlight the impacts the Adani coal project will have on marine life. Led by Bowen youth and Juru Traditional Custodian Aunty Carol Prior, the procession walked 1.5km from Yasso Point, and finished at Gideon Pott Park.

“As First Nations Juru people, we are here to protect and preserve our spiritual connection to the land and to the sea. This includes everything in the ocean, because we are salt water people. We have to pass on that connection to our children and future generations.” Sais Aunty Carol Prior.

Though the wind blew hard, the participants held their lanterns high, and splashed their way through a warm, creeping tide.

“Every year the humpback and pilot whales choose the warmer Whitsunday as their birthplace and nursery. Between August and September is the time when they begin their long journey South with their calves. If Adani’s dangeorus Charmichael mine was to go ahead, we would see an extra 500 coal ships cris-crossing back and forth through the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, posing serious risk to both whales and their youngsters.” Said long time Bowen Resident, Elvyn Smith.